Our Story

Here at Belly Blooming we believe in letting children, be children. Especially when it comes to their clothing. 
At times, kids fashion is far too revealing, too sexualised, too 'adult' like and just not suitable for day-to-day wear. 
We aim to provide the balance between fashionable and suitable. Wearable and stylish. 
Bright to monochrome. Unisex to specific gender orientated. Plain to print whilst suitable for all seasons and all ages!
As mama's ourselves we struggled to find clothing that was fun, on-trend and affordable for our fast growing kids that also supported the celebration of childhood.

Heading into the new year we are so looking forward to launching our own brand label full of vintage and retro inspired pieces- watch this space  ❤️
Shop with us and support keeping our kids fashion appropriate!
Belly Blooming