Yes, I'm pregnant. You can stop staring at my belly!

We remember feeling so overwhelmed and inundated with baby products whilst pregnant! Everything from prams, to cots, baby wraps, bottles and monitors. The list is neverending and more often than not much of what we thought we would need..well we really didn't. 

So we've put together our top 5 must-have mama and baby items that saved our lives (and sanity). 

1. Chekoh Soft Wrap

So perfect for those early newborn days aka the 4th trimester. You know, the whole cannot be put down EVER saga!

Even more amazing for if you receive the darling gift of a stage 10 clinger who sings the song of his people (very loud, very continuous crying) at the mere whiff of mama thinking of doing anything for and by herself.

Super soft, super comfy and easy to put on and take off plus SO many different gorgeous patterns. These little gems also wash incredibly well (there will be a lot of spit up, poop explosions and general baby mess to look forward to), give good support and roll up easily in the nappy bag.

All big bonus points in our books!

Find it here --->

2. Seamfree Crops + Maternity Singlets

Your best friends. Seriously. 

Especially if you plan to breastfeed! You'll spend more time than you ever imagined feeding, expressing and...leaking! #truthbomb

These stretch super well to feed, easily add breast pads for extra coverage, offer solid support and can be worn with just about anything- pjs, singlets, shorts etc. Bonus points if you can find crops with the maternity clips. 

Also again, easy to wash, quick drying and soft (trust us, you will appreciate this when those boobies are rock hard and SORE!). 

Our favs --->

3. Baby Singlets and Onesies. 

Seriously. You can never and will never have enough singlets and onsies. Ever. 


And Bonds are a fav because really, who can resist those funky patterns and prints? Plus the fold over footies and mittens are invaluable in cooler weather and during the night. Especially if you have a babe who resists all things blankets and keeping warm though perhaps a wee bit too thin if it gets very cold your side of the world. 

Our favs --->

4. Haaka Breast Pump

Ok, this item was PRICELESS! Those first few weeks and months into your breastfeeding journey you will feel like a big ole milk cow. Literally. And the leakage. Wow. Pop this baby on the opposite side bub is feeding on and voila- a little stash of liquid gold that would have otherwise been wasted. So fantastic if you don't want to use a heavy duty pump!!

Find it here --->

5. Sleep Nest

 When you want to co-sleep as safely as possible or have a comfy little nest for nap times- this is perfect!

There is no better feeling than having your new babe snuggled up beside you in your own bed especially when it comes time for feeds! But there is always that nagging fear that you may roll over onto your precious bundle or worry they may move closer to the edge of the bed etc. Mum fears are so very real! 

We love our little one gets their own safe space (and mama too!) still within arms reach. LIFE SAVER!

Find it here --->

What products did you find invaluable, wish that you had known about or think are a total waste bothering with?! Let us know in the comments below :)

*Just a note: not a sponsored post- we just LOVE these products from personal experience. 




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