5 Easy Toddler Breakfast Smoothies

Whats our secret weapon for an easy and healthy toddler approved breakfast?
Well, its the good ole humble smoothie!
With endless flavour combo's, minimal cleanup and easy to throw together, breakfast smoothies are a daily staple for us. Plus, little ones just love getting involved. Yelling out "smooooooothie time" brings our little guys running for the kitchen, even peeling them away from the crash scene in Cars 3- which is a BIG deal in this household!
Being busy mama's we know how difficult it can be at times to balance it all. Between work, keeping the house from looking like a bomb site, cooking, washing, driving kids around and looking after the big kid aka dad, we still have time (somehow?) to worry about nutrients and filling those little bellies up with good food.
And toddlers, man oh man! Picky doesn't even sum them up well enough. By the time you've placed the plate down they want something different. 
To make life even EASIER chop everything up and throw into zip lock bags in the freezer. Viola- easy premade smoothie sachets. 
So, we've put together 5 of our fav tried and true smoothie recipes to fill little bellies and give you, mama some extra free time and a little less to worry about!
by Jessica Gaven
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by Baby FoodE
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