Mum Guilt

M U M Guilt. It is SO real. Whether you are a working mama, a stay at home mama, a working stay at home mama or heck, just a mama period-the guilt can be very heavy.  Am I spending enough time with my kids? Actually, am I spending enough QUALITY time with my kids? Are they being looked after well whilst I'm not there? Food- are they eating enough. Enough good stuff? Ok, there's probably far too much sugar in that ugh. How much screen time is too much screen time? Has he been able to play outside enough today? Sit down and relax with my cuppa?- nope laundry needs hanging, floor needs vaccuming, dishes need doing. Has the hubby got...

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Yes, I'm pregnant. You can stop staring at my belly!

We remember feeling so overwhelmed and inundated with baby products whilst pregnant! Everything from prams, to cots, baby wraps, bottles and monitors. The list is neverending and more often than not much of what we thought we would need..well we really didn't.  So we've put together our top 5 must-have mama and baby items that saved our lives (and sanity).  1. Chekoh Soft Wrap So perfect for those early newborn days aka the 4th trimester. You know, the whole cannot be put down EVER saga! Even more amazing for if you receive the darling gift of a stage 10 clinger who sings the song of his people (very loud, very continuous crying) at the mere whiff of mama thinking of doing anything...

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5 Easy Toddler Breakfast Smoothies

Ever need something QUICK, EASY + YUMMY to feed the little ones for the crazy morning breakfast rush?! Well, look no further. We have you covered mama! Check out our 5 fresh, healthy and simple toddler approved smoothie ideas.

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